Xinyu Zhang (DayDay) is a sculptor and material explorer whose works express a profound longing for connection, a relentless determination to persevere, and a resolute effort to transcend fragility, embodying a physical struggle along life's journey. Utilizing materials such as wood, metal, and foam, she navigates her creative process from a realm of intuition and chaotic sensations, gradually shaping forms that serve as meditations on self-awareness. Through a cyclical journey of exploration, definition, challenge, presentation, and further exploration, she gives tangible form to her inner experiences.

Xinyu is committed to fostering communication and forging meaningful connections with viewers through her artwork, infusing them with interactive elements. She views audience engagement and feedback as integral to the completion of each piece, inviting participation as a crucial part of the artistic dialogue. This ethos extends to her installations in public spaces, which serve as reflections of her presence in the world. Her overarching goal is to strike a harmonious balance between artistic expression and life's experiences, as she continually seeks mastery over herself and her craft.


Xinyu Zhang, also known as DayDay, is a contemporary artist originally from Wuhan, Hubei, China, and currently based in New York. Her artistic journey delves into inner struggles and a deep-seated yearning for physical interaction. Nurturing a passion for art from an early age, Xinyu initially focused on traditional sculpture during her undergraduate studies at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (HIFA), laying the groundwork for her transition to contemporary art.

Drawing inspiration from daily observations, existential reflections, and a relentless curiosity to explore diverse materials, Xinyu's art is distinguished by minimalist lines and symbols, continually seeking a delicate balance between design principles and fine art.

Xinyu graduated with a Bachelor's degree in sculpture from HIFA, and her graduation works earned her recognition from the ZengZhuShao Sculpture Fellowship. She furthered her studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), pursuing a Master's in Fashion, Body, and Garment. During her time at SAIC, Xinyu was honored with the Lisa Wainwright Grad Merit Scholarship. Post-graduation, TEDxChicago selected her as an invited artist for their opening event.